Important Dates

2019 company sitting


5/18       Big Four Arts Review (Spring Recital) 1:30 at Reardon Auditorium

6/3-14   Nutcracker Dance Camp

7/15-20 AYBT Summer Dance Intensive

7/20       Academy Registration Day (10am-4pm)

7/20       AYBT Season shirts go on sale

8/12-12/7 Academy Fall Semester

8/12       AYBT Season shirt orders are due

8/12       Company/Apprentice/Junior Pictures

8/12       Nutcracker shirts go on sale

9/2         Labor Day (Academy is closed, makeup classes scheduled)

9/15        Nutcracker shirt orders are due

10/31      Halloween (no classes, make-up classes scheduled)

11/2        Nutcracker rehearsals begin

11/15        Recital costume money is due

11/24-30 Thanksgiving break

12/1          Nutcracker Production Fee is due

12/7         Anderson Christmas Parade

12/19        Nutcracker school show

12/20–22 AYBT’s Production of The Nutcracker


12/9- 5/15 Academy Spring Semester

1/6             Alice shirts go on sale

1/24          Alice shirt orders are due

3/1             Alice Production Fee is due

3/7-8        AYBT’s Production of Alice in Wonderland

5/1            Recital Production Fee is due

5/16          Big Four Arts Review (Spring Recital)

6/8-20     Nutcracker Dance Camp

7/20-25   Summer Dance Intensive

7/25         Academy Registration Day (10-4pm)