Dress Code

2019 - 2020 REQUIRED Academy Dancewear

Female Students  & Male Students

All female dancers

cami black

All female dancers taking 2 or more days a week.


Performing female dancers.

mens tights

Male dancers. Color: black (w/white t-shirt)



Required Leotards & Shoes can be purchased from:


Kinney Dancewear
Indianapolis Store
(317)255-8111 or (800)933-2623
2434 East 62nd St.
Indianapolis, IN  46220
Noblesville Store
14765 Hazel Dell Crossing
Noblesville, IN  46062

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All dancers are required to have their hair up in a bun (preschool students may wear their hair in a ponytail). In cold weather, students may wear a pink or black ballet sweater or sweater dance tights during classes. Black dance skirts are also optional and permitted. Students are not allowed to wear sweatpants, t-shirts, or any street clothes during classes. Below is a list of which color to wear on which day.

Ballet 1, Ballet 3, Ballet 4, Ballet 5 = Red

Company = Black


Ballet 2, Ballet 6, Ballet 7 = Red

Ballet 3, Company, Adult Dance = Black


 Preschool = Red

Ballet 6, Ballet 7,  Juniors, Apprentice, Company = Single color choice


Ballet 4, Ballet 5, Ballet 6, Ballet 7, Juniors, Apprentice, Company = Black


Company, Apprentices, Juniors = Red