Tuition 2023-2024

1/2 hour class per week      $40/every 4 weeks

45 min. class per week     $50/every 4 weeks

1 hour class per week    $55/every 4 weeks

1 1/2 hour class     $65/every 4 weeks

Individual Classes $25

Registration Fees

There is a $35 fee due at registration ($45 per family)


Credit Card Authorization Form

2023-2024 Academy Payment Schedule

Because there is sometimes confusion concerning our payment schedule, ours is a four week pay schedule, not necessarily due at the end of each month.  You are paying for classes 4 weeks in advance. Your first payment will also include the $35.00 Registration Fee or $45.00 for families.

 1st Payment – Due at Registration or Week of Aug. 14 – Aug. 19

2nd Payment – Due Week of Sept. 11 – Sept. 16

3rd Payment – Due Week of Oct. 9 – Oct.14

4th Payment – Due Week of Nov. 6 – Nov. 11

5th Payment – Due Week of Jan. 2- Jan 6

6th Payment – Due Week of Jan. 29 – Feb. 3

7th Payment – Due Week of Feb. 26 – Mar. 2

8th Payment – Due Week of Mar. 25 – Mar 30

9th Payment – Due Week of Apr. 22 – Apr. 27

We do expect your payments on time.  If you need to make arrangements for payment, please let us know on registration day.  If you have any questions concerning the payment schedule, please contact Mindy Whisnant either in person or at (765) 643-2184 (

A fee of $30.00 will be added to all returned checks.  After a second return, we will only accept cash payments.

Please make tuition payments to:

AYBTA (Anderson Young Ballet Theatre Academy)

Checks may be mailed to:

AYBT Academy, 29 Young Drive, Anderson, IN 46016

Credit Card Payments:

Credit Card payments may be made by completing the credit card authorization form (contained in the registration packet).  Your tuition payments may be selected to reoccur monthly.  PLEASE NOTE: all credit card payments are drafted manually and will only be drafted on days when the academy office is open for business and during our normal business hours.

Past Due Policy For Tuition Accounts

Effective June 1, 2017: Any Tuition Account more than 90 days past due will result in the dancer(s) being suspended from classes until such time as the account can be restored to good standing and up to date.

Academy Recital Costume Payments

Academy dance recital costume payments will be due no later than Nov. 15, 2023. Therse costumes are purchased by and for academy dancers and are used for our dance recital in May. Costume monies must be paid by separate payment. Make all payments to AYBT Academy.

2023-2024 AYBT/AYBTA Productions Fees

Nutcracker Production Fee is due July 22, 2023 ($125 payment to AYBT)

Sleeping Beauty Fee is due July 22, 2023 ($125 payment to AYBT)

Big Four Arts Review Production Fee is due May 1, 2024 (payment to AYBT Academy)

ALL Past productions fees must be paid in full no later than September 1, 2023 in order for your dancer to participate in AYBT performances. 

Fundraising and Tuition Assistance

AYBT (our ballet company) is constantly holding fundraisers to support their productions.  During many of these fundraisers, a portion of the proceeds earned is applied to your dancer’s tuition/scholarship account. Want information on AYBT’s fundraisers?  Click the link below.



It’s time for the AYBT Fundraisers. This fundraiser benefits AYBT Productions (new costumes, new props, scenery, etc.). This year we will be creating our 12 Dancing Princesses Costumes.


 Who can participate: Everyone in our academy and anyone wishing to help AYBT can participate.

Benefits: 1/2 of the profit from the mum fundraiser benefits AYBT productions. 1/2 of the profit from the mum fundraiser benefits the dancer scholarship fund of the dancer of your choosing!

Scholarship money use: Scholarship money can be used for AYBT production fees, Academy tuition, and many other miscellaneous items from AYBT swag to dance wear reimbursement. Many families use their scholarship money to pay for an entire season of tuition.

 Fundraisers in the future: Look for fundraising opportunities this season (AYBT Fall Mums in August, Christmas Wreaths in November, & Spring Geraniums in March)



AYBT Academy, 29 Young Drive, Anderson, IN 46016, (765)-643-2184,